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THE BLING LAGOSIANS|Motion picture Review|Iwuagwu Ikechukwu .O.

Indeed, Critical reviews and works of art are complementary pairs that can’t do without each other. It is therefore upon this premise that a review/criticism is attempted. Clearly, as entailed in the title THE BLING LAGOSIANS one wouldn’t doubt the fact that this motion picture is an expository one. It ventures into the life of the rich and opulent Lagosians using the fictional “Holloways” as a model. The plot indeed […]

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A Review of Seun Lari-William’s ‘Garri for Breakfast’ |Book Review |Iwuagwu Ikechukwu O.

Seun Lari-Williams is a Nigerian poet, flutist, and legal practitioner born in 1987. ‘Garri for Breakfast’, his first poetry collection published in 2016 is a ninety paged collection which clearly underscores the generally accepted definition of literature as being the reflection of life and human experience. ‘Garri for Breakfast’ clearly solidifies on the inextricability of the above definition by deeply and aptly highlighting the human plight, experiences and of course […]

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