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Cakes, Art and Poetry

Vacancy! Because cake making is art.

Because we believe cake making is a form of art, we decided the place the call for vacancy at Amynecakes. Good morning lovelies. So we’re hiring.. The criteria for application are: 1. You must be aged between 18-26, 2. You must be hardworking because we do a lot of hard work… #nofoodforlazyman 3. You must be able to work with us for a minimum of 1 year( that means if […]

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Because we like cakes and the art wrapped round them

Cake decorations are one of my most interesting art forms. Intelligent designs though. Almost all art forms are magnetic and or hypnotic. Now, why on earth should something that sweet be larded with such beauty again? You are left with no room for escape. No excuse not to have yourself basking in the euphoria that proceeds the colours and the sweetness buried deep down that mass of sugar and flour […]

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