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Ghosts on the loose/ series/ chapter 5

The sun rays flicked slowly, bringing in a feel of safety. Toma laid on the bed, eyes folded, hands clenched and lips tightened and drawn-out. It was how he folded in Maa’s arms in the night, to be hard, hard enough to repel the fear. I smiled and touched his lips, pushing them back gently. They melted, relaxing into a tender plane. Then he wiped his lips with his tongue […]

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The Night Masquerade: Here is an opportunity to read chapter one before its release date

The concluding volume of Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti trilogy: Binti: The Night Masquerade, is almost here. The book will be available, starting from the 16th of January.However, we now have the opportunity to have a taste of the much anticipated novel. Chapter one, which is subtitled Alien was published on Read it below. Chapter 1 Aliens It started with a nightmare . . . “We still cannot get out,” my […]

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Junior/ Fiction/ Written by Okeudo Emmanuel

Junior is seated on the dining table. He is saying something, some sort of a farewell speech. I stare at him from head to toe like I am searching for something. My eyes settle on his swinging legs, the gently hypnotic sways causes my mind to drift away, slowly like a leaf on gentle water current. The way junior swing his legs listlessly and without care reminds me that he […]

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That Thing in your Stomach

Am I supposed to be happy that it happened? That one barren and cold night threw us apart? Not physical throw. Something like cutting our souls apart. That mystic chord that once fused us, like a covalent bond. Am I supposed to let my eyes turn to a leaking reservoir? Like how mother will sit out in the cold at night and let her tears turn into a mini swamp […]

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