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Two Poems; Chronicles of Time and A Dance with Enigma/ By Iwuagwu Ikechukwu O./ Poetry

  CHRONICLES OF TIME The shanks of time are priceless That’s why its feeble legs perch on the tentacles of memory, Memories that gruesomely maul the ambience of reality like an aventador1 The sun woke today with a grin Sprang up on tiger’s hinds Took the western exit To retire from the eastern entrance Your thump soles should panic Caution should be its boulevard As you penetrate this partition, beware […]

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This shall not pass/ Poem/ Nemine, Funge-owei Michael

This too shall pass like hymens bruised by dark lonely nights this wealth that we reek of, too, like caterpillars and butterflies this greed that rewards us with white beards and others with immaculate arts of wizardry too, like milky skies and honey clouds But this shall not pass; this silence plaguing once lively rivers this black slicks floating on yellow surfaces this droplets of death revealed in letters

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Excuses?/ By Edward Andrews/ Spoken word/ Video

“But there was a place he could find much rest just by peeping through his window to think” You need a muse to put the wheels of your Sunday morning on the road? Then watch this. It is powerful and inspiring. Share the Word!!! About the Author Edward Amonu Andrews Edward Amonu Andrews Born on 3rd March 1995 and raised in Ghana. He comes from a family of six and […]

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