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Ghosts on the loose/ series/ chapter 5

The sun rays flicked slowly, bringing in a feel of safety. Toma laid on the bed, eyes folded, hands clenched and lips tightened and drawn-out. It was how he folded in Maa’s arms in the night, to be hard, hard enough to repel the fear. I smiled and touched his lips, pushing them back gently. They melted, relaxing into a tender plane. Then he wiped his lips with his tongue […]

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Ghosts on the loose/ series/ chapter 4

Kolokuma sat on the white plastic chair and felt a blistering liberty; a looseness amidst the heat within him, like feathers flaunting in the wind. He rolled the sweats away from his pale hand with his thumb and thought of the next morning; covering a few more kilometers and sacking more calories. The morning was frosty. It kept his sportswear moist a little longer. He hummed larghetto melodies and watched […]

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Ghosts on the loose/ Series/ Chapter 3

A day before. Weird kolokuma sat on the cane chair kept permanently at the entrance of his log cabin and made the sound of different gunshots with his lips. It was his way of telling his personal account of the war. Nobody liked him because he was a demon, a demon inside the body of a fifty-something year old albino- because demons do not have voices, they only compel people […]

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Ghosts on the loose/ Series/ Chapter 2

Maa held us tightly in the siting room. We sloped into her arms like chicks, sitting on the long wooden couch. Toma was frozen while I felt the nerve around my temple throbbing. The shock was passing gradually, but it was taken so much time, like it was never going to. Maa tried to tells us it was normal for children to see things that are not there. ‘It’s your […]

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Ghosts on the loose/ Series/ chapter 1

Chapter 1 It was soon after the war, when we returned to that smell of blood trapped in the air, we realized, that everybody dies in war, no survivors. Our blood didn’t spill on the ground, the bullet didn’t steal our flesh away, but we died too. We became new persons, strange persons, living in our former bodies. People with extra pair of eyes. We saw ghost showing us their […]

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