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The piece of life you wouldn’t want to have

Life is carefully shredded into pieces at every given point in time. Some pieces might be adorned in Olympian qualities, others might just be adequately good, yet, some other parts might be treated with severe disdain. If you think your own piece is not good enough, you might want to see what is happening in some parts of the country. I was opportuned to travel to a particular part of […]

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When you bash a white man’s car in Nigeria

Driving could be as distasteful as a life adorned in frustration if you are neck-deep in the busyness of Lagos roads. Your woes could be compounded if you are involved in a collateral damage of the intense and ferrocious movement along the Lagos roads. There are always collateral damages. Bashing or scratching someone’s car or being the recipient– either of them is a collateral damage caused by the ever brimfull […]

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Americans could prefer Nigerian politicians to their’s

I like to be rational at all times, such that i hardly speak of issues that are not corroborated by plausible explanations. So last two weeks,in church, when a woman said Nigerian politics is dirty, i threw my curiosity at her. Of course the statement was not avant-garde, but of course i was in the church so i expected to hear something well-grounded and presumptive about the statement. I was […]

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Why women are more religious than men

Being religious can be modestly ambiguous some times. For some, it is when you enforce unabated hatred with vehemence. To others, it is when you take a bow and walk away after having your face and an exotic palm in a hot duel. To some others, it is trailing keenly and meticulously, the rituals of the religion. Well, the later might just be it. Taking Christianity as a religion: To […]

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How incredible a woman can love

Are women more compassionate than men? Scientists have established that the structural discrepancies in the brain of men and women do not affect the levels of compassion between genders, or rather, they are yet to arrive at an assertion as this. They have simply said it is innate. However, articles, basically psychological, have continued to strive, anchoring that females show more compassion. A post from claimed women are more […]

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When a mother cried because her daughter did not die.

To be a parent, yes a responsible parent, ┬áis an outstanding fit. But to be a mother is extraordinary. A highly exigent task. All thanks to divine Providence for having the prospicience to give mothers this innate ability. Though few mothers have not truely realized they have an indefatigable capacity to handle their children, even adult children as hard-headed and pragmatic as my dear friend Chimankpam. Now that was on […]

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