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5 books you should read

If you are looking out for books to read, I can give you five, freshly brewed from the inks. And if you haven’t given reading these books a thought, you should. In fact, you should contact me. Am listing them in no particular order. But be rest assured they are great books. STAY WITH ME: this is the debut novel of Ayobami Adebayo. The book was published in March 2017 […]

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I want to die sailing/ Poetry

  Tell me about the death you bring I long for it At least, it brings a devouring pleasure And bolting streams of sweats Tell me about the lips The taste of five colonies of bees burnt The savagery of hyenas folded into the dark Tell me about these bumps Abandoned on corners carefully Soft fire that rolls peace from skins Valleys sitting like mountains Tell me about those sacs […]

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Ghosts on the loose/ Series/ Chapter 2

Maa held us tightly in the siting room. We sloped into her arms like chicks, sitting on the long wooden couch. Toma was frozen while I felt the nerve around my temple throbbing. The shock was passing gradually, but it was taken so much time, like it was never going to. Maa tried to tells us it was normal for children to see things that are not there. ‘It’s your […]

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Farafina books releases excerpt from Yewande’s ‘The woman next door’, to whet your literary appetite

Yewande Omotoso is a South Africa based Nigerian writer. She is the author of Bomboy and The woman next door. The woman next door was first published in 2016 by Chatto and Windows. The book was shortlisted for the 2016 University of Jo’burg prize for South African writing. In a tweet, Farafina books said this and released an excerpt. Here’s an excerpt from #TheWomanNextDoor to whet your literary appetite… You […]

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Akwaeke recounts that big moment; winning the commonwealth prize

This year’s commonwealth writers prize winner, African region, Akwaeke Emezi, talks about that moment, on realizing she had won. In a tweet from her personal twitter handle, @azemezi, the Tamil and Igbo writer talks about how she felt, how she reacted to the revelation. The multi-talented writer is poised to release her debut novel, freshwater, come February 13, 2018. Read her tweets here;

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