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Wayfarer/ poem/ by Funge-owei Michael Nemine

WAYFARER They said he fell in the shores of Agbana1 the runner with no tracks wayfarer they said something left when his shadow turned to miserable memories blown into forcados2 something like scattered happiness. Those things his footsteps painted on our faces, the intermittent drawing back of lips. They said death came on a certain day and all they could salvage was that exhausted shell that lost the gift of […]

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Meet the judges for the maiden edition of KPSWPC

To get the best and an itch-free selection process, we contacted two exciting personalities who have agreed to serve as judges for the maiden edition of KrystalPen Spoken Word Poetry Contest (KPSWPC). Submissions for the maiden edition of krystalpen spoken word poetry contest ended last month. The shortlist is set to be announced on the 16th of April 2018. Voting will start on the 18th of April and will end […]

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Hope/ poetry/ By Wilson, Lucky Rukevwe

Hope Golden streaks of light Boring through with great might Great dark walls of man’s mind Kissing on the bitter sweet lips of life As it ploughs and whisks man away from comfort’s garden Drawing a pact on sweat, between sanity And the slow fearful strides of bravery Lost in the wilderness of light, foreseen Suckling on the blossom nipples of a greater love Swimming in ecstasy, on the winds […]

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My Jilt Story/ Poem/ By Famous Agu

MY JILT STORY Beauty was captivating Belief was the wane Attitude then was face Manner was startling Here goes the racing The race was gay A lot to kiss today First time love sings Congruent in all day Was this also your case? Next, spy before date Time and tide teamed And travelled the lane That sweetness went thin Bickering all the time Fault finder dwells with us Lo! We […]

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Lost Love/ Poetry/ by Wilson Lucky Rukevwe

Lost Love I beheld a wild fire across the river Reminding me of the burning passion in your eyes Wild, dangerous and determined as a blowout Yet, exciting as a toddler taking her first steps Decades of hope flashed in them And with it, came memories of regretted nonchalance Like Rivers of sand travelling through deserts A smile waltz through to my heart Concealing the tears that streamed downhill You […]

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Nocturnal Creditors/ poem/ By Famous Agu

Nocturnal Creditors Experience, a pedagogue When I bear a mild yoke Pretty tough than joke Then I became a log By the stings of flu bug Before Jack Robinson, I choked Then to pieces I broke Bankrupt and tugged By creditors who were thugs Liability to spirit beings Nocturnal birds they have been To be wealthier, begging humanity hugs Their conduit to drain, God doth seen Ere I die empty, […]

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