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Flashback/ Poem/ By Famous Agu

How do we tell our past if we do not write…..?
What do we say about the crimson buried underneath our pupils if we fail to scoop the tears we shed yesterday…?


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My Jilt Story/ Poem/ By Famous Agu

MY JILT STORY Beauty was captivating Belief was the wane Attitude then was face Manner was startling Here goes the racing The race was gay A lot to kiss today First time love sings Congruent in all day Was this also your case? Next, spy before date Time and tide teamed And travelled the lane That sweetness went thin Bickering all the time Fault finder dwells with us Lo! We […]

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Nocturnal Creditors/ poem/ By Famous Agu

Nocturnal Creditors Experience, a pedagogue When I bear a mild yoke Pretty tough than joke Then I became a log By the stings of flu bug Before Jack Robinson, I choked Then to pieces I broke Bankrupt and tugged By creditors who were thugs Liability to spirit beings Nocturnal birds they have been To be wealthier, begging humanity hugs Their conduit to drain, God doth seen Ere I die empty, […]

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Philosophical morons/ poetry/ by Famous Agu

Empty heads opportunistic Doctors of philosophy Bent to ruin a system Taking quid as sorting behind And damsels naked in tears To tolerate scholars passed The whirling wind pushed The genius cried aloud Knowledge was abused Opportunistic pedagogue Fight, hate and feign Here I launch you -your nicknames Among myriad appellations The chamois and doom masters Tattered sires of adultery Adenbolistic, Akanistic and Dogmere Adenbolistic held the rod in tight […]

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Ajuwaya/ poetry/ written by Famous Agu

Keen and preen for servitude A clarion call to this latitude Our joy, judged with bitterness Travelers trail across the wilderness Amid the amity with camp men And the quiet query from cankered men Our busy bidding service worth quid pro quo Quirky quid allowee status quo Stack of stock calling in prices high Then we squeeze and squirm, yawn and sigh Money became monkey making her journey And the […]

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