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This shall not pass/ Poem/ Nemine, Funge-owei Michael

This too shall pass like hymens bruised by dark lonely nights this wealth that we reek of, too, like caterpillars and butterflies this greed that rewards us with white beards and others with immaculate arts of wizardry too, like milky skies and honey clouds But this shall not pass; this silence plaguing once lively rivers this black slicks floating on yellow surfaces this droplets of death revealed in letters Advertisements

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Hope/ poetry/ By Wilson, Lucky Rukevwe

Hope Golden streaks of light Boring through with great might Great dark walls of man’s mind Kissing on the bitter sweet lips of life As it ploughs and whisks man away from comfort’s garden Drawing a pact on sweat, between sanity And the slow fearful strides of bravery Lost in the wilderness of light, foreseen Suckling on the blossom nipples of a greater love Swimming in ecstasy, on the winds […]

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Free men/ Poetry

Men live in twos but free men live without conflict. The conflicts are sands; enticing and without heads. The conflicts are when you want to be a seed, living on the surface when you want to travel with the wind. Men live in twos but free men live without conflict. Free men are the souls with no hide; seeds that abide. They are also the bodies without a soul, mere […]

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