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Poetry/Poem/ By Wilson, Lucky Rukevwe

Poetry Watching from the sideline Sipping a cup of poetry Handed down by mother nature Looking out the window Envisaging the silver linings Spread across giant sky In patches and sprinkles Beckoning on my blindness Warming up my cold heart As she smiled in all pearls Queen mother seductress! Queen mother seductress!! Free me not, from thy embrace For thy warmth penetrates Through my lost faith Packing up shady debris […]

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Hope/ poetry/ By Wilson, Lucky Rukevwe

Hope Golden streaks of light Boring through with great might Great dark walls of man’s mind Kissing on the bitter sweet lips of life As it ploughs and whisks man away from comfort’s garden Drawing a pact on sweat, between sanity And the slow fearful strides of bravery Lost in the wilderness of light, foreseen Suckling on the blossom nipples of a greater love Swimming in ecstasy, on the winds […]

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Lost Love/ Poetry/ by Wilson Lucky Rukevwe

Lost Love I beheld a wild fire across the river Reminding me of the burning passion in your eyes Wild, dangerous and determined as a blowout Yet, exciting as a toddler taking her first steps Decades of hope flashed in them And with it, came memories of regretted nonchalance Like Rivers of sand travelling through deserts A smile waltz through to my heart Concealing the tears that streamed downhill You […]

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That’s why you are human/ Written by Wilson Rukevwe Lucky/ poetry

We grow eyes while asleep, when we dream we dream while awake, when we think We break like dark clouds when we stop pushing we succeed when we spill storms from our hands At every point in time we are given options like branches running out from a tree so never say there were no options. Because success and failure, happiness and sadness, love and hatred, wisdom and foolishness are […]

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